5 essential tips for moving into a new smart office

If you are transitioning to a new smart office, you can create a new reality in which your office benefits your company for years to come. How do you make sure your new smart office will be a success? We’ve got 5 tips to get you started.

5 essential tips for a smart office

1. Finding smart office inspiration

When you create a new office, you have the opportunity to create a workplace like no other. If you plan it right, it could become the healthiest, the most collaborative, or most sustainable office in the world. The possibilities of smart offices might surprise you, so make sure to do research to discover what is possible. This way, you prevent a future where you regret not adding specific functionalities to your creation. Inspiration can be found by browsing through success cases, talking to experienced smart office advisors, or exploring YouTube.

2. Maximizing your new build advantage

The biggest benefit of creating a new office compared to improving an existing office is that you can make sure all elements work together as effectively as possible. For example, in an existing building, you would have to work with an existing IT infrastructure and an existing sensor network that may not be ideally positioned for the functionalities you desire. As a result, modification is often required, and sometimes ideal outcomes cannot be achieved.

When you are developing a new office, you can make sure that all processes work together smoothly straight from the beginning. To illustrate, the same sensors that you use for automatic light-adjusting could be utilized by Mapiq to monitor the availability of meeting rooms.

3. Encourage employee engagement

Not all employees will be excited about the fact that you are moving to a new office. Some may not like the new geographical location due to more commuting time, others may be attached to their old desk, or can be worried about not sitting next to their favorite colleague anymore. Moreover, when you move into a new smart office, your employees are not only transitioning to a new physical building, they are also transitioning to a new way of working. This is why it is important to involve your employees in the transition early on.

When you focus on the functions and outcomes that your employees want, everyone in your new office will be far more likely to use the functionalities.

4. Getting the most from your 3D map

By collaborating with Mapiq, you will get a 3D map that is accessible to anyone in your organization even before the building has actually been built. This enables everyone to get familiarized with the new environment. Employees can explore where certain types of meeting rooms and workspaces can be found and get an idea of where to find facilities. This early online exploration can result in faster adoption time when the new smart office is officially opened.

5. Ensuring aftercare

When your brand-new office opens, and everyone starts working in it, your work is not done. Long term smart office success can only be achieved if you keep seeking feedback and stay open to changing the work environment.

To help clients monitor their smart office and help make grounded decisions, Mapiq provides all clients with a dashboard that shows the following real-time data:

  • Average meeting occupancy during the day
  • Peak occupancy rates
  • Meeting room trends
  • Ad-hoc and hybrid meeting room demand (quick catchups between colleagues)
  • Number of no-shows (booked but not used)4
  • Most and least popular types of meeting rooms.

This data can be used to improve employee well-being, collaboration, and effectiveness within teams.

How to create a smart office

Understanding the implementation process before you begin is an essential step in your smart office journey. It will help you get better results from the project in the long run. In our guide you'll find out how you create your own smart office in 8 steps.

Create the best place to work

Do you want to build a smart office that takes care of the well-being of your employees? Our team of smart office advisors is ready to help you realize your dreams.

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