Meet Thijs, Head of Support at Mapiq

Mapiq is created through collaboration of brilliant minds—want to know how? We asked our Head of Support, Thijs Hartveld, a few questions to find out more about him and his role.

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Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what led you to join Mapiq

Hi, I'm Thijs, the Head of Support at Mapiq. Back in 2019, I was looking for a new challenge in the field of Human Movement Science, and when Mapiq approached me, I had no previous knowledge about the world of smart offices.  

They were looking for someone to set up their support department and I agreed to have a chat to get a better idea about the role and the company as a whole. Right away, Mapiq felt interesting and genuine, and I was instantly convinced and enthusiastic about joining the company.  

What challenges do you get to tackle in your everyday work?  

Initially my role was dedicated to building the Technical Support department and managing our support infrastructure. This meant dealing with all types of customer issues while ensuring that our product remained stable for users. The more the company grew, the more the need to scale up our technical support. This allowed us to ensure that new colleagues and customers have all the resources they need. I’m also focused on aligning all departments to create a seamless ‘customer experience.’  

In my role, I feel like I mainly contribute in two main aspects: reducing customer effort in resolving issues and ensuring that customer feedback is harnessed to develop and perfect our product even further. In doing so, we’re creating a better future for ourselves and our users.


Biggest learnings or opportunities from the past years?  

Mapiq is growing fast and as we're rapidly developing as a company, the Technical Support team is evolving as well.. With the recent expansion of our team, we can now really see the fruits of our labor and focus on analyzing areas where we can most improve. When the foundation is solid, we can commit to improving and expanding in the most scalable way possible.  

Our team is all on the same wavelength and that’s great energy to be a part of. I love having fruitful discussions on the ways we can move forward and start seeing results in a short amount of time. And it is very cool to see that other departments and teams agree with our vision and are always eager to help.  


Any tips for a future colleague?  

For any future colleague, know that Mapiq will always support you and help you grow––not only in your role but also personally. People around you are willing to help and assist and it’s in our culture to have autonomy over your work and trust in your expertise. Here, we can always rely on one another.

If you're one of the lucky candidates to be interviewed, don't shy away from asking questions. We’re of course interested in you and your skills, but above all, we seek teammates that are passionate about our mission. So, ask about our way of working, events, outings, or anything else that could give you an idea about what it’s really like to work at Mapiq!

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