The importance of collaboration and teamwork in the office

Collaboration plays an important part in employee productivity, creativity, and a sense of belonging. Employees need to see each other in order to create innovative solutions. According to Gartner, 41% of employees will work remotely at least a part of their time versus 30% before 2020. The reasons employees come to the office have changed. Making the office a collaborative work environment is inevitable to make the time employees do spend in the office more effective than ever before.

Collaboration and team work in the office

The benefits of collaboration

About 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as crucial for a successful business. Employees who work together, solve complex problems more easily, build better relationships, and feel more part of their team. This sense of belonging leads to an increased level of well-being at work. It also improves personal development of every employee involved. By enabling employees to have valuable face-to-face interactions, you can improve collaboration in the office. Technology can help create an interactive workplace and flexibly share facilities.  

Create an interactive workplace

The workplace plays an enormous role in stimulating an innovative mindset and providing room for interaction. You can encourage collaboration at work by designing a workplace with different social areas. Think of spaces to learn, socialize, and brainstorm. This so-called activity-based working, enables employees to collaborate more. A well-designed office is nice, but not enough. In order to create a vibrant workplace where collaboration is the norm, you need technology.

Flexibly share facilities

Sharing facilities in the workplace is an effective way to spontaneously meet colleagues. When employees sit next to a different person each day, the silos within your organization will come to an end. Employees will start conversations with colleagues they would normally not have met. Simple conversations can result in great ideas, a project, and eventually innovation.

Boost collaboration in the workplace

The workplace can encourage employees to work together more easily. Technology supports employees in working more flexibly. Do you want to know more about how smart technology can maximize collaboration in the workplace? Contact our smart office advisors.

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