Introducing Booking on Behalf of & Guest Profiles

This year, the office will be the place to meet customers, welcome newcomers, and host meetings. However, external parties don’t have access to your booking system. This means that you have to arrange their workplace in your office. Booking shifts at work for other people and arranging guest bookings can be tricky. Especially when it comes to last-minute bookings and rescheduled shifts. That is why we came up with two new functionalities: booking on behalf of and guest profiles. With these new functionalities, we aim to simplify the third-party booking process and help you get the most out of your office capacity.

With booking on behalf of and guest profiles you can book shifts for guests, teams and managers in seconds.
With booking on behalf of and guest profiles you can book shifts for guests, teams and managers in seconds.

What our customers wanted

After the launch Office Shifts in June, we realized it was necessary to simplify the process of booking shifts on behalf of managers, new employees, and office guests. As a result, we listened carefully to our customers' questions like:

  • How can I book a shift for my manager?  
  • How can I arrange a workspace for groups and teams one month in advance?
  • How can I book shifts for external parties who are working in the office for long periods?  
  • How can I update colleagues on shift changes?

We also noticed one of the primary reasons why our customers love to use Office Shifts is to secure efficient office capacity. That is why booking on behalf of and guest profiles will help you utilize your office capacity even more. With our new functionalities, you can assist everyone who has problems booking a shift in your office while being in control of every single booked shift.  

How it works

If you have the ability to be flexible when it comes to meeting cancelations, group bookings and welcoming guests, booking on behalf and guest profiles can help you reduce your office costs and increase efficiency.  

With our new functionalities, you can easily book meetings for individuals, teams and new employees in seconds. As a Mapiq admin, you will be on top of your office capacity as every single - internal or external - booked shift will be counted in Mapiq’s platform. Next to that, you will have a clear overview of last-minute bookings and cancellations anytime, anywhere.

With booking on behalf of & guest profiles you can:

· Assist in last-minute bookings
· Delete shifts  
· Create guest profiles
· Send email updates to users when shifts are created
· Book team and C-level office shifts weeks in advance
· Arrange new employees’ bookings

Be ready for demand peaks

Office Shifts is an efficient way to coordinate a safe return to the office while being fully prepared to manage office demand peaks. Next to that, with the Office Shifts connections you can encourage collaboration between your employees by letting them book joint shifts and connect with their colleagues.  

With booking on behalf of and guest profiles you will have total control over all your office’s shifts bookings while assisting with individual, teams and guest bookings.

Niels Politiek
Smart Office Advisor
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