Introducing Hybrid Meetings and Office 365 calendar integration

Studies show that hybrid working has caused us to plan more meetings. This hassle of booking rooms, accommodating different schedules, and juggling on-site and remote attendees can lead to a crowded, inefficient workday. That's why we've created our Hybrid Meetings solution: everything you need to plan in-office hybrid meetings. With this update, you can book, manage, and access your hybrid meetings at the touch of a button. The functionality allows you to sync your work calendar and access all your meeting details in the Office Shifts app for even simpler hybrid workday planning.

Hybrid meetings and Office 365 calendar integration
Hybrid meetings and Office 365 calendar integration

The new update enables users to:  

- Sync Office Shifts to their Microsoft Office 365 work calendar  

- See event details to know where and when an event is taking place  

- See event attendee details and who'll be joining in-person or remotely  

- View the location of all meeting attendees in your day overview  

- View the location of all connections in your day overview  

- See whether a meeting will have a physical location in the office  

DISCLAIMER: The Hybrid Meetings solution is only available for Premium and Enterprise subscriptions.
Rowan de Bruin
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